Rocket Feelings

by Fear Cat

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Copyright 2011 by Fear Cat. Written, recorded, produced, and performed almost entirely in the week of February 21, 2011 by Kenneth Fox and Zane McDaniel as part of the RPM Challenge. All art by Meaghan Cahill.


released March 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Fear Cat Manchester, New Hampshire

2 dudes, bro

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Track Name: Pete Boggs
Went for a swamp swim
I was no one, lo I lost him
Excavation years later, guess I'm not Tim?
And now I remember it all went dim
It's all cloudy like swimming in skim
I forget, I sweat
These are not my limbs

I'm afraid that my me might get dead
If I get too close to your head
But why would I need an I for my bed?
I feel like the glue puppy, who fell from the glue web
Oh wait, I made that up instead
Wish I could get myself up out of this wet

I've lost the bottom
But at what cost?
I don't hear the same snare drum
I'm dumb
Track Name: Plateaus
Things aren't the worst, nor are the best
There not even in between that
I feel muddy
I can't feel my chest

Am I asleep? Am I asleep?
There is no way I can keep this up for the rest that is left

I've no drive though I feel fine with not fine, alright
All is alright and I've already tried not to show

It seems the good's all gone
But if I turn it on
Maybe I'll seem more strong
Lesser'll last less long
And when I get home
Yeah, I'll be alone
No family, no friends, no phone
I am my own home

Though I know I could switch the pillow
Lukewarm and indifferent, I've nowhere to go
Much too sleepy, much too slow

Piques probably piqued people ago
Grudgingly packed for plateaus, I don't care
Why wash my hair?

All is alright but I've already tried not to show
What I can't help but know
And it's in part the snow
And I want to go
Far from flat plateaus
And though I know
That I won't blow
It's that which scares me so
Oh no oh no

I feel more awful than I thought possible
I want to scream until I find meaning
Track Name: Great People
I feel every fat of me grow
I look at you
Eclipsing, obstructing me
So I see I as a water rat

Salted some sick serpents
I thought nothing of it
Fathers staring, reprimanding me
Because I heard sad screams from the toilet

You're a septic tank, dank, dark when you act
Neglected children
I left them in the same pit I left my work
I'm a jerk

I give in and I give up
Then I resolve never to solve myself
I tripped the alarm
But what is the harm
In not plugging it back in?

My apartment on fire
Friends outside look high at all things burning
They look happy
And you are dressed as a nurse

You are frozen
Must be enclosed in layers and layers of ice
But you are still smiling?

I think I killed a man
Least you make me feel I have
I'm worthless, much worse than
Someone who's killed a man
At least you make me feel I am
I'm worthless, much worse than
Someone who's killed a man
Why or when can this end?
Track Name: Mexican Pet
This is not your pet
This is a rat
It ate your pet
And it will be dead
Track Name: Light Box
I won't give in, winter won't win
Confrontation: everything's weird
I am broken, I haven't spoke in days
Guess I'll give in, winter will win...